For my Senior thesis at the University of Colorado Denver, I chose to write and illustrate an original children’s book.

Play is an important part of childhood development, setting the foundation for healthy goals and relationships– one of the many ways that play can be encouraged is through reading.  Children of many ages go through a playful period, thinking of different careers to potentially pursue as adults. I explore the ideas of imagination and play through my watercolor and colored pencil illustrations, lined with black ink, and the story itself; I specifically focus on the imaginative ways to connect reality with imagined worlds. This story pushes the limits of what may be commonly thought of as potential jobs- in particular for girls-to imagine. I am reminding readers that, regardless of gender, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. While some of the professions children come up with are ridiculously outlandish, and some may be overly ambitious. In the illustrations, I avoid putting limits on young readers and what they can imagine themselves doing. I remind the adults reading along with the kids how important it is to be uniquely you.